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Hi, and thanks for visiting my web site.

My name is David Graeme-Smith and I have been trading for many years and as a full time professional since 2002.

Like most traders I went through a long period of consistent and heavy losses before I began to make money (prior to 2002). It cost me a great deal of time, effort, money and worry to get into profit and it is now one of my aims to help other traders achieve profits without having to go through the same painful period that I went through. I was lucky to be able to develop a winning trading strategy before I ran out of capital but the majority of traders are forced to give up because of losses before they ever get to consistent profit. If this rings any bells with you then please read on.

On this page you will find a number of links to my books (some FREE!), my trading software and some other products that I recommend to help traders succeed. Two of the books I have written myself so forgive me for putting them first on this page! I have also developed some fantastic software which I believe will be a tremendous help to traders.

There is a lot of information out there for traders, not all of which is good quality or worth the money. What I have done is produce or find some excellent information and products that I believe will genuinely be beneficial to your trading.

Please take your time to have a good look around using the links below and I wish you every success with your trading.

David Graeme-Smith

Please scroll down or use the links on the left for details about the various ways that I support traders.
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NEW EDITION (Version 8.0) published - Sept 2016

Originally published in 2004, the book has now been completely re-written to bring it up to date with additional content including a fantastic additional trading strategy. My book details every part of my trading strategies that turned me around from loss to profit and the strategies that I still use today. The strategy includes when to buy, when to sell and exactly where to place stop losses - all contained in some simple rules. Short Swing Trading has now sold extensively in over 50 countries around the world and this new edition is now better than ever with lots of illustrations and examples. It is an ebook that is instantly downloadable so you could be reading it minutes from now.

More info please




This book is based on the fact that I have supported and trained well over two thousand traders now and seen all the common mistakes traders so often make. The book describes the difference between what the successful 10% of traders do as opposed to the 90% who end up losing enough money to make them quit. This book can be understood by all levels of trader and will benefit the novice as much as the expert and is a "must read" whether you intend to trade for a living or not.

I pull no punches and it tells you exactly what the real world of trading is all about. I believe that any trader who does not do what is described in this book will almost certainly become one of the trading tragedies.

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SST SwingTrader - Powerful trading software!

This is a completely freestanding and very powerful program that trades the Short Swing Trading DMI strategy beautifully as a mechanical system. You don't have to buy any other software to operate this and the data is supplied free of charge. It allows full back testing, optimisation and produces trades ready for the next day's trading as well as giving new stop loss positions on open trades. It is a superb trading tool that is extremely easy to use and does far more than I could possibly explain here.

In response to many small account traders requests I have reduced the subscription considerably so it is now affordable for every trader.

There is a video that will show you how it works and what it can do for you.

For full details please click here.


Trading Robots

Trading Forex (currencies) by using "Robots" is creating an enormous amount of interest and excitement in the trading world. It is also an area that I am working on for my own trading. My Forex section tells you how to set up an account and lists many of the robots that are available on the market. If you have never considered this then it is certainly worth a look.

Go to the Forex section.



Trader's Library

In trading, knowledge is EVERYTHING. Apart from my own books (above) I look out for and vet other books covering areas where I have less expertise or where other traders expand on a subject. Here is a great range of books for traders. From books for beginners to specialist markets like Forex. Day-trading to End of Day swing trading. Have a browse around to find the book to help you build your knowledge and perhaps transform your trading.

Go to the Traders Library


Free !!


Who says you can't get anything for FREE! Get some GREAT free books and trading lessons from expert professional traders here. A selection of books are available, all FREE and you can download as many as you like!

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Contact Me

If you need to contact me (David Graeme-Smith) with a question that cannot be answered via one of the links on this page, click the link at the foot of the page.



Trading can be tough at times and you need all the knowledge and help you can get. I hope that the contents of this page and my website have helped you along the road to very successful trading.

I wish you huge success in your trading and hope that you achieve everything you are looking for in life.

Very best wishes,

David Graeme-Smith



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