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Instant Back Testing                       


Back Testing


Every symbol you wish to trade can be totally accurately and instantly back tested using exactly the same optimised settings that you will trade. This allows you to check that historic trading has been sufficiently profitable to give you confidence to trade it in the future.

Back Test Summary Page

Below is an example of a back test overview. The content of this page is explained in detail in the SwingTrader "Help" text but you can see below that this symbol shows 63.64% winning trades and the average win is 2.52 times larger than the average loss.

The currency used can be switched between $ and £. I am based in the UK so it is displaying in £.

The amount per point used to illustrate profit/ loss (position size / lot size) can be adjusted to reflect your level of trading.



Trade by Trade

In addition to the back test overview above you can examine the back test period trade by trade. This can tell you a lot about what you might expect when trading this symbol in the future.



Equity Curve

As well as the summary and trade by trade results you can examine the "Equity Curve". This is extremely valuable as part of the assessment of back test results and gives you a very visual indication of what it has been like to trade the symbol throughout the back test period.

It shows winning (up) periods and losing (down) periods. You will immediately see if there are periods of several losing trades in a row but more importantly you do not want to see a huge profit made from just one or two trades with all the others being average or poor.

The Equity Curve visually reveals the detail under the figures. The perfect Equity Curve would be a straight line from bottom left to top right. This is not possible but the closer we see to that ideal the better it has traded in the past and therefore the better it is likely to trade in the future.


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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.
My name is David Graeme-Smith and I have been trading for a number of years and full time since 2002.

Like most traders I went through a period of learning and losses before I began to make money. Trading profitably is not easy and one of my key aims now is to help other traders achieve profits without having to go through the long and painful period of losses where most traders are forced to give up because they run out of capital - often money they can't afford to lose.

SST SwingTrader is a very clever piece of "next generation" software that I have developed to boost your trading performance by using the enormous power of the modern computer.

Please take your time to have a good look around and I hope you decide to take the trial and assess the software for yourself.

I wish you every success with your trading.

David Graeme-Smith

Customer Quotes

"I really cannot emphasise just how impressed I am with the SST SwingTrader! Quite apart from the astonishing results we have been able to achieve thus far its also so user friendly and simply to operate.” Ken & Anne Evans

“What an amazing concept. Full marks for developing this software”. Peter Thrussell

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To look at other ways that I support traders please visit my Short Swing Trading home page.