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Customer Comments

Before the launch of SST SwingTrader in June 2007 the software had been through 18 months of development, testing and improvement to ensure it was trading correctly, was profitable and was simple and intuitive to use. As part of the testing process it was "field" tested (normally called beta testing) where quite a large number of traders used it for real and reported back on issues and suggested improvements.

Feedback was extremely positive with excellent reports on the ease of use, helpful help text and reports of very profitable trading. The strategy is sound with accurate back testing which reflects "real life" trading situations. The stock "Evaluation" facility is excellent with a simple yet effective traffic light system. The list of prospective, open & closed trades makes things easy and clear. The comprehensive back test information is useful and the Equity Curve is very much appreciated as an instant visual representation of performance.

Since the launch a great many traders in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Spain and other countries have been using SwingTrader and reported excellent results as well as being very complementary about the software. Many traders have used SwingTrader since the launch and are still subscribing - they wouldn't do that if they were not making money.

Below are just a few individual comments from SST SwingTrader users so far. Permission has been obtained to publish each comment posted.


“I really cannot emphasis just how impressed I am with the ‘SwingTrader’! Quite apart from the astonishing results we have been able to achieve thus far it's also so user friendly and simple to operate.” - Ken & Anne Evans

“I had no problems reading through the help files finding answers to all my questions I had in the beginning. The help files are very good indeed and easy to comprehend. Most of all I like the comprehensive back testing. It is impossible to do this by yourself (manually so to say) just by looking at charts. The results give a trader some assurance whether the odds are in his favour or not. Of course it is no guarantee for future results but still is a valuable tool for decision making. The software is neat and tidy and you quickly get used to it.”  - Peter Otto

 "The application is very easy to use, it is straight forward and understandable. The help text is more than adequate and answers the questions well. I particularly like the ability to evaluate the symbol's profitability before you optimize it.” - Gene Rice

"I think the platform is in good shape and very easy to use, especially with the help screens – although after a very short time I now rarely refer to them as the system is so straightforward.” - Ian

“What an amazing concept. Full marks for developing this software”. - Peter Thrussell

"I particularly like the way one can evaluate the suitability of stocks before optimisation and also not being overwhelmed with too many stocks to consider for trading. I am more than happy with the software as it is and can't think of any way to improve it or additional features to add. My trading results so far seem pretty good. I have had one short (DLN) closed at a slight profit. A long (BWY) is trading nicely into profit. Recent trades moving into profit are (BUR), (DNX) and (HTG) and are still open. In summary I am more than satisfied with my testing of this product and look forward to being able to continue using it" - Doug Jordan

“I found SwingTrader very easy to use and the help text has answered and solved all my concerns very well. I think SST SwingTrader is a fantastic program” - Al Bullen

"I am extremely pleased and impressed with the new SST SwingTrader program." - Didier Martin

"I would like to express my gratitude to you for all the hard work that you must have put in to creating a most wonderful master piece of software. I have used many programs in the past and can honestly say that I found yours to be very user friendly". - Marcia Spavins

"I Just a quick message to let you know I have been using the trial version of the software and have now paid the first subscription. Very interesting piece of software! ……very powerful if used properly. Just wanted to thank you for adding a significant element to my life with this and I now hope to be able to use it to make smart trade selections via effective and rational filtering.” Michael O’Hanlon

"Hi David, I thought you would like to hear from me, SST SwingTrader is the best. I have done extensive analysis and then in my first two weeks of live trading I have managed to generate 2390 points. I'm sure that this trend will continue for me." Dennis Marshall, South Africa.

"Dear David, I'm  SO  IMPRESSED  with  SST SwingTrader.  What  a  "hit"  rate! The  beauty  of  it  is  that  with  so  many  watch listed  US  stocks,  I  know  there'll  be  more  opportunities  the  very  next  day,  so  I'd  rather  have  lots  of  little  positions  running  (or  pending )  at  £1  a  point,  and  catch  the  initial move. Thank  you  for  all  the help  you've  given  me  to  date! With  warmest  good  wishes! Robin Johnstone (UK)


If, after you have subscribed to SwingTrader, you are as delighted as other users and would like to add to the comments above please email me

My thanks to those who have contributed the kind comments above,

David Graeme-Smith


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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.
My name is David Graeme-Smith and I have been trading for a number of years and full time since 2002.

Like most traders I went through a period of learning and losses before I began to make money. Trading profitably is not easy and one of my key aims now is to help other traders achieve profits without having to go through the long and painful period of losses where most traders are forced to give up because they run out of capital - often money they can't afford to lose.

SST SwingTrader is a very clever piece of "next generation" software that I have developed to boost your trading performance by using the enormous power of the modern computer.

Please take your time to have a good look around and I hope you decide to take the trial and assess the software for yourself.

I wish you every success with your trading.

David Graeme-Smith

Customer Quotes

"I really cannot emphasise just how impressed I am with the SST SwingTrader! Quite apart from the astonishing results we have been able to achieve thus far its also so user friendly and simply to operate.” Ken & Anne Evans

“What an amazing concept. Full marks for developing this software”. Peter Thrussell

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