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Symbol Evaluation


Evaluate Symbol's


When you first consider trading a new symbol you will add it to a watch list of your choice and then evaluate it to see if is capable of trading profitably with SwingTrader. An evaluation involves the SwingTrader running a back test using some variable strategy settings - a kind of mini optimisation. This is one click of the mouse for you and takes seconds for SwingTrader to carry out.

The results are shown as full back test results including the Equity Curve (see Instant Back Testing ) but in order to help you with a quick evaluation the results are also displayed as traffic lights. Green means profit potential should be good once fully optimised (example below), amber/orange means it may be worth optimising and red means it is unlikely to show a profit therefore not worth optimising.



The traffic lights are also seen next to each individual symbol in a watch list.

These traffic light ratings are updated whenever a symbol is optimised or back tested.

You should generally only trade stocks which have a green traffic light to give you the best chance of maximising profitability.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.
My name is David Graeme-Smith and I have been trading for a number of years and full time since 2002.

Like most traders I went through a period of learning and losses before I began to make money. Trading profitably is not easy and one of my key aims now is to help other traders achieve profits without having to go through the long and painful period of losses where most traders are forced to give up because they run out of capital - often money they can't afford to lose.

SST SwingTrader is a very clever piece of "next generation" software that I have developed to boost your trading performance by using the enormous power of the modern computer.

Please take your time to have a good look around and I hope you decide to take the trial and assess the software for yourself.

I wish you every success with your trading.

David Graeme-Smith

Customer Quotes

"I really cannot emphasise just how impressed I am with the SST SwingTrader! Quite apart from the astonishing results we have been able to achieve thus far its also so user friendly and simply to operate.” Ken & Anne Evans

“What an amazing concept. Full marks for developing this software”. Peter Thrussell

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